#Top1 : TOP10 Colony Sim Games | Best Colony Building Simulation PC Games

#Top1 : TOP10 Colony Sim Games | Best Colony Building Simulation PC Games
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[TOP10 Colony Sim Games | Best Colony Building Simulation PC Games

Nowadays, when society is almost fully formed, every person wants to independently establish their own small colony, which will develop according to his rules. Especially for this purpose, many gaming campaigns have taken up the development of colony-building games. The world is an uncaring place, full of danger and inedible berries. To cope with this unfortunate reality, humans have been forming communities for thousands and thousands of years. The first cities are a stuff of legend, and new settlements pop up to this day.

If you’ve always wanted to found/build your own village in an unpleasant place, you don’t have to travel to an alien planet, or discover a new landmass. You can just launch one of the colony-building games we’ve gathered on the list below and become a founder without leaving your house. And remember: it’s about more than just base-building. It’s about building a community!

This list shows you the TOP10 Colony Sim Games for PC in 2022.

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