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Did you enjoy Pokémon Legends Arceus? Would you like to see another Pokémon Legends game released in the future?

In this video I’ll be exploring an entire Fakemon region & Legends inspired game concept as I offer an in depth look at the mysterious Seydr Region. An ancient Legends era version of my very own Scandinavian inspired Fakemon region known as the Fyrún Region.

0:00 – My Own Pokémon Legends Project
1:37 – The Fyrún Region
3:22 – The Seydr Region
5:36 – The Heroes
6:59 – The Starter Pokémon
12:06 – The Aurora Icelands
16:19 – The Floral Fieldlands
19:28 – The Scorched Wastelands
22:34 – The Rolling Highlands
25:41 – The Ebony Islands
29:24 – The Legendary Pokémon
33:59 – Forge Forms
39:15 – Ancestors
51:18 – Aesir & Riding Pokémon
54:29 – What’s To Come

Follow me on Instagram to take a journey through my imagination and see more of my Fakemon concepts/designs in the Seydr Region, the Fyrún Region & the Leweka Region:
Mykel Ryan (@mykemon_regions) • Instagram photos and videos

Logos by:

Music by:

Make sure to check out and support the incredible artists who helped me bring my ideas to life with these amazing artworks:

All the ancestors, forge forms and Reilmdall by @trainer_matz

Seydrian Chesnaught, Emboar & Empoleon by @fakemanss

Seydrian Dragonite, Whimsicott, Chinchou, Lanturn, Tentacool, Tentacruel, Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume, Aesir/Riding logos & group arts by @kai_fakemonsr

Seydrian Skiddo, Gogoat, Mandibuzz, Torkoal, Eruptois, Glacix, Polartic and Cautree by @pokejay_mon

The Fyrún Starters, Seydrian Spidream, Nightmarach, Druddigon, Gargoygon & Hrossea by @fungi_fakemon

Pokémon Legends: Reilmdall cover art & Flamb by @_icenger_

The epic Seydr Region Map artwork by @maumes_dex

The beautiful Fyrún Map artwork by @_elite.4_

DISCLAIMER. I do not work for the Pokémon Company and these are just fan arts and concepts. These are NOT official Pokémon or Pokémon leaks, nor am I trying to pass them off as such! I also did not create some of the official Pokémon and characters featured in this video along with my own creations most of which are variations of or at least inspired by real Pokémon characters and designs. This is all done out of passion and my life long love for the amazing Pokémon franchise which belongs to the Pokémon Company, GameFreak & Nintendo. Thank you for watching! I hope you enjoyed and if so make sure to purchase Pokémon Legends: Arceus for Nintendo Switch if you haven’t already as that game is what inspired this project and video.


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