1️⃣【 Journey from CONSOLE Gaming to PC Gaming

1️⃣【 Journey from CONSOLE Gaming to PC Gaming
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[Journey from CONSOLE Gaming to PC Gaming | 2022

#pcgaming #cyberpowerpc #consolegaming
Welcome to the rebrand! Mr Midas Games. Thank you so much for clicking on my video.

The wonderful people at CyberPower UK sponsored this video #AD and helped me start my journey to PC Gaming. I’ve been a concole gamer my whole life, so why in 2022 have I stepped into PC gaming.

I discuss the pro’s and con’s of PC gaming, how CyberPower has helped me on my jounrey and more.

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Games provided by Square Enix, Capcom, EA & Xbox.

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00:00 INTRO
00:48 My Journey
02:47 CyberPower
03:37 Why now?
04:08 PC Gaming?
05:19 MODS
08:28 Perfomance
10:12 OUTRO

Intro VT Rayman Beats
Outro VT Richie Fargas
Bubble by KeyAno Beats

Pika by Amir Moniem

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